Navigate your financial future.

Navigate your

Financial Future


Your portfolio deserves personal attention and expert advice.


Welcome To CenterPoint

Since 2001, we have been serving as an independent, “fee-only” Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and financial planner in Zionsville, Indiana. 

We serve as a fiduciary, working with a diverse group of clients with a broad range of needs. Thus, we’re as adept at managing an individual’s retirement portfolio as we are a multi-million dollar family trust. Because of our breadth of experience, we bring a broad perspective and a value-added approach to your investment management, financial planning and family office needs.

Financial Planning

get expert advice

When you’re facing significant financial decisions, making the right choices can feel intimidating.

Our team works with you to tailor a financial plan to help you stay on course, achieve your goals, and build wealth for the future.


Develop a plan to grow your portfolio strategically over time.

Get hands-on service and expert advice.

Manage your money with an eye on tax and cost efficiency.

Financial Planner

build a plan

Don’t settle for a one-strategy-fits-all wealth management plan or an investment risk profile that doesn't match your goals and needs.


Get honest and reliable financial advice

As independent advisors, our advice is not influenced by third-party affiliations, sales quotas, or incentive-based agreements with specific financial institutions. Your agenda is our only focus.

After all, money is personal

Your CenterPoint contacts are the members of our Zionsville-based team; not call center employees who are unfamiliar with your personal situation and financial needs.

At CenterPoint, we work hard to avoid conflicts of interest, aligning our priorities with yours. We believe strongly that quality investments and a long-term, disciplined strategy generate more consistent risk-adjusted returns, and that tax and cost efficiency are vital to any successful wealth management plan.
— Our Philosophy