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Wealth Management


Our team offers services in three specific areas: Investment Management, Financial Planning, and Family Office.


Wealth Management Services


Wealth Management Services

Investment Management

Making investment decisions can be stressful. Work with licensed financial professionals to navigate tough decisions and adjust to changing conditions in the marketplace.


How do you measure success?

When evaluating the overall success of an investment strategy, factors like risk tolerance, tax efficiency and consistency of returns are often overlooked. At CenterPoint, all of our portfolios are built with these elements in mind. We are fundamental investors who construct portfolios designed to produce long-term results. We are not momentum traders or speculators who are focused on attempting to time short-term swings in the markets.

As a quality-driven team of independent investment advisors, our sole focus is to manage a portfolio that aligns with your unique situation and goals.

Our Philosophy

  • We work to add value over the long-term with a disciplined and diversified strategy. Our goal is to deliver consistent growth while managing levels of risk and optimizing tax efficiency.

  • We believe that a portfolio built with active managers can outperform passive index funds over full market cycles, with lower volatility and risk.

  • We believe that with rigorous research and due diligence, we can identify managers who will consistently outperform their peer group over long-term timeframes.

  • We select active managers who exhibit conviction in their selection of the securities of high-quality companies.

Our Approach

  1. Gather information

  2. Address specific client needs and objectives

  3. Assess risk tolerance

  4. Review market insights and economic research

  5. Construct client-focused investment portfolios



Portfolio assessment and investment strategy development

Money manager selection and evaluation

Monitoring of investment portfolio

Detailed performance reporting

Secure online portal for on-demand access to current information


Financial Planning  

Manage your assets and plan for the future. Work with our advisors to implement a long-term financial strategy that fits your individual goals and circumstances.


Designed to meet your unique needs

Our clients each utilize different services depending on their unique circumstances, which means everything we do is tailored to you and your family.

Our team also offers individual and small business tax preparation services. If we’re not providing this service for you, we will assist you and/or your CPA by providing portfolio summary schedules of income, capital gains and expenses needed to complete investment-related parts of your income tax returns.



Income tax planning

Estate planning

Insurance consulting

Retirement planning

College education funding

Cash flow analysis


Family Office Services

Our team is specially-equipped to provide comprehensive services to ultra-high-net-worth families, bringing a wealth of perspective and experience when it comes to highly-complex financial matters, family relationships and governance issues.


Who handles family matters when it matters?

Turn to us to manage, monitor and provide advice on a multitude of financial matters. Family Office is for ultra-high-net-worth families who are looking for an even higher level of involvement from their advisors. As a family office, CenterPoint takes the lead as “Family CFO” in developing and managing a detailed strategy that touches all areas of financial management. The result: a level of expertise that you’d expect from a larger firm, combined with extensive family office experience and unmatched, personalized service.

We work with you and your trusted advisors – attorneys, trustees, insurance agents and beyond – in the efficient and integrated management of your financial affairs.



Investment management

Accounting services

Income tax planning and preparation

Estate tax planning

Trust planning and administration

Coordination of banking, legal and insurance relationships

Bill-paying services

Compilation of financial statements

Cash flow forecasts

Insurance consulting